Painter. Teacher. Actor.

"When you stay in your own home most of the time, you are retiring—you're drawing back," says Alva Holcombe, an artist living at Maris Grove. "When you move to a community situation like this, you re-engage."

Since moving to Maris Grove, Alva has started teaching an art class to her fellow residents. "It's an opportunity to get some other people involved in something they'd never had time to do," she says. "It's been great for me. I've loved it."

While painting sets for a resident-run play, Alva was bitten by the acting bug. She joined the Maris Grove Players, a theatrical group that produces two shows a year at the community's performing arts center.

What Alva loves most about Maris Grove is the sense of community: "It's a great thing to be involved and helping, but it's a great thing to know that if you need help, there are people all around you that are willing to help."

Alva Holcombe