Dancers. Performers. Maris Grove residents.

There was a time when Evelyn Jacobs couldn't imagine moving to a retirement community. "I really never thought I would be this happy at this time of my life," she admits. "Boy, was I wrong. There's so much to do, and our circle of friends has grown. I'm busier than ever."

Evelyn, a life-long dancer, recently choreographed her first show: the Maris Grove Follies, which debuted at the community's performing arts center. Meanwhile, her husband, Al, is taking an art class to learn how to paint. "All of the interests we had before we moved here are able to continue, and many new interests have evolved along the way," he says.

The Jacobs agree that the best part about living at Maris Grove is the people. "You realize, when you get older, your friends shrink," Evelyn explains. "You don't see people as much. It's harder to get out to see them. But here, we have a community with a never-ending amount of people we can meet and learn from."