A passion for teaching

Patricia Brinkopf on a lifetime in the classroom

From math to English to special education, Patricia Brinkopf has taught it all. As a military wife, she traveled the world with her husband, teaching a variety of different subjects in locations from Colorado to Naples, Italy.

Eventually, Patricia put down roots at West Middle School in Cherry Creek. There, she met her second husband, Principal Jim Brinkopf, known to students as "Mr. B."

Now retired, Patricia has not given up her love of teaching. She started a West Middle School retired teachers club in 1990—and it's been going strong ever since. For the past three years, the club has held its annual Christmas party at Wind Crest. "I keep telling them all to move in here," Patricia says of her former colleagues.

Patricia loves her life at the Highlands Ranch retirement community and has nothing but praise for the wonderful people she's met. "They're all so interesting here and have had great careers," she says of her neighbors. "The conversations are fascinating. I wouldn't want to go back to anything else."

Patricia Brinkopf