Blazing his own trail

Hiker Bob Melzer finds happiness outdoors

Bob Melzer climbed his first mountain at seven years old—and he's been climbing ever since. He inherited his love of the great outdoors from his father, a superintendent for Breckinridge schools. "Our hiking was definitely a family affair," he says.

It's no surprise that Bob married a woman equally passionate about hiking and climbing. Together, he and his wife Betty trekked through Nepal, Peru and Africa. They've also raised three sons who are avid outdoorsmen.

Bob has hiked through Tibet, Ecuador, the Alps and even climbed Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. While he never made it to the top of Mt. Everest, which soars to 29,000-plus feet, Bob has climbed to several of the mountain's base camps.

At 83, Bob has no plans to give up. In honor of his father, who climbed until he was 76, Dr. Melzer plans to hike t least one peak this year.

Bob Melzer