An artist's view

Artist Bob Miller captures the community in slate

Some artists use mediums like paint, canvas or clay. Bob Miller of Wind Crest makes art from something more unique: roofing slate.

The self-taught artist discovered his talent after retiring in 1983. Using an etching tool, Bob chisels intricate designs into the surface of the slate. Some of his favorite subjects include animals and the landscapes of Pennsylvania Dutch country, where he spent most of his life.

In December of 2009, Bob began his biggest and most challenging project yet. His piece, The View at Wind Crest, took one full year to complete and measures 36 inches long by 18 inches tall. "We have such an outstanding view here at Wind Crest," he explains. "I wanted to honor that."

The View at Wind Crest depicts eight identifiable mountain peaks, from Mount Evans to Long Peak. Bob referenced maps to create accurate depictions and to measure elevation and distance. The work is displayed prominently on the community's terrace for all residents and staff to enjoy.

Bob Miller