Designing a dream home

When Madeline Kaplan couldn't find the exact apartment home she wanted, she decided to design her own. Working with the helpful staff at Fox Run, she began renovations on a two bedroom Jackson.

As part of her home makeover, Madeline knocked out a portion of the wall and removed one of her two bedroom closets, creating a roomy den. She also widened the entrance to her kitchen. 'I like it airy-looking,' she explains of the new, more open layout. 'It looks twice as big when you don't have walls around you.'

To make her apartment home truly her own, Madeline consulted the Fox Run Custom Interiors department, which recommended a warm, welcoming color for the walls. 'It's beautiful,' Madeline says. 'Very soft yellow. I just love it. It's throughout the apartment home and so inviting when you come in.'

With the help of the team at Fox Run and her own extraordinary eye for design, Madeline was able to create a home that's warm, comfortable and entirely one-of-a-kind.

Madeline Kaplan