Getting the best care in an emergency

Arlon Quigley remembers the accident like it was yesterday. While hiking with his family in Pennsylvania, he lost his balance and fell twelve feet down a cliff. At the local hospital, he was told he had six broken ribs, a bruised spleen and a punctured lung.

When he was finally allowed to return home to Fox Run, Arlon was impressed by the extra steps the community took to speed him along his road to recovery. Fox Run had already filled his pain medications and medical staff members, including a visiting nurse and physical therapist, were waiting to take care of him.

According to the Quigleys, Fox Run made a big difference in Arlon's improvement. 'If we had still been in our house, we probably wouldn't have had the therapist and the nurse right away,' says Arlon. 'We would've had to drive out to the doctor's office and wait.'

Gradually, Arlon began to feel like his old self again. And with the help of the Fox Run medical team, he returned to his active lifestyle and even started teaching swimming classes again.

Despite his accident, Arlon's hiking days are far from over. 'I still climb hills and go hiking. My family just tells me to stay away from the edge though,' he says.

Arlon and Peg Quigley