Wired for new opportunities

Gloria Whan admits she was intimidated by computers. 'I was afraid to have anything to do with electronics,' she says. 'I never touched a computer before I moved here.'

After taking a beginner class led by tech-savvy Fox Run residents, Gloria is now more of a computer pro than she ever imagined. 'I've learned how to use a computer and how to email,' she explains. However, acquiring her new skills took patience and plenty of practice. 'It took a number of weeks for me to get a handle on how to move the mouse,' she says.

Learning basic computer skills became a necessity when Gloria's daughter became ill several years ago. 'She lives in California, and I really needed to keep in touch with her caregivers every day,' she explains. Email allowed Gloria to communicate quickly, so she could better monitor her daughter's status. Happily, Gloria's daughter is doing well today.

Now, Gloria helps her fellow residents when they need a little extra help in the computer lab, which is open 24 hours, seven days a week. Thanks to her beginner computer class at Fox Run, her fears of technology are a thing of the past.

Gloria Whan