Ed Hinkley—Texas home sweet home

Although Ed Hinkley has previously lived in Miami, Florida, he's happy to call Texas his new home. At Eagle's Trace, Ed and his wife are enjoying a worry-free lifestyle in a beautiful apartment. "Our home faces south and west, so we get sun in the morning and the afternoon," says Ed. "My wife has the windows filled with plants and flowers. It's very pleasant."

Ed is a member of the woodshop on campus and likes that, whatever your interest, there's always something to do at Eagle's Trace. "You can be as active as you want to be here," he says. "There's the fitness center, the swimming pool and different classes. You've got all kinds of activities to do here."

After moving to Eagle's Trace, Ed feels right at home. He especially enjoys the opportunity to meet new people. "The best part about living here is the friends we've met," says Ed.

Ed Hinkley