Phil Hollowell—The buzz on learning

Twice a month, volunteers from Eagle's Trace spend the morning at Barbara Bush Elementary School in Houston, helping first-grade students develop their math skills. Volunteer Phil Hollowell is among them.

At 6'5', Phil is hard to miss around Eagle's Trace, but when he was first introduced to the elementary school students, his tall frame was folded into a child-size chair.

'We were sitting down the first time the kids met us,' he explains. 'They couldn't tell how tall I was.'

When Phil stood up, the kids let out an audible gasp. Seizing the opportunity as a teachable moment, Phil assigned the children their first task: measure his height. The students completed their assignment with enthusiasm. They even had to borrow a few extra rulers.

The volunteer program with Bush Elementary is just one of many volunteer opportunities available to the residents of Eagle's Trace.

Phil Hollowell