The Looks—Community leaders

When Gus and Mary Look moved to Eagle's Trace, they got involved right away. Since they were both avid gardeners, Mary helped organize the gardening club on campus. Gus met some fellow cardplayers and decided to start a pinochle group.

The Looks love the enthusiastic atmosphere on campus. "At Eagle's Trace, everyone is doing something," says Gus. "The environment and the ambiance are very good and very active." Mary agrees and enjoys the variety of interests around campus. "I like being active, and I like being able to participate in different things," she says.

Gus and Mary, along with their dog Leisel, love their Eagle's Trace apartment home. But both Looks agree that the campus is about more than just convenient living. "It's the people who make Eagle's Trace," says Mary. "They're friendly and thoughtful, and we all stand ready to help one another in whatever way we can. This feels like a close-knit neighborhood."

The Looks