Try before you buy

The Engles experience Tallgrass Creek before moving in

Gene and Ed Engle always planned on moving to a retirement community, but they didn't want to commit until they'd experienced the lifestyle firsthand. Thanks to a special program at Tallgrass Creek, the Engles were able to dine at the on-site restaurant, participate in special events and even stay overnight in a model apartment home.

Through the program, called "Experience Tallgrass Creek," Gene and Ed played bridge, met other couples and even enrolled in a continuing education class sponsored by the University of Kansas. "One of the couples asked us when we had moved in because we were here so much," says Gene.

Getting to know the people and becoming familiar with the lifestyle made a big difference to Gene and Ed. "It made it easier to move because we felt more a part of the community," Gene explains.

The Engles would recommend the "Experience Tallgrass Creek" program to anyone considering a future at the community.

The Engles