Local FBI agent tells his story at Tallgrass Creek

Jim Graham on his life fighting crime

Following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, FBI agent Jim Graham found himself in Dallas along with hundreds of other law enforcement experts. He spent a month pursuing thousands of leads and gathering information that eventually became part of the Warren Commission's report, the 880-page investigation into the president's shocking murder.

Jim recounted this and other career highlights to more than 100 fellow Tallgrass Creek residents at the community's popular "Tell Your Story" event, held once a month. He also described his experience as the lead negotiator during Kansas City's only airline hijacking in 1977.

"He wanted money and transport to Cuba," Jim recalls of the hijacker. "It was a very tense one and a half hour standoff."

Jim successfully convinced the hijacker to release most of the passengers and change planes in Atlanta, since the current plane wouldn't make it to Cuba. Upon landing in Atlanta, the hijacker killed himself without harming the passengers or crew.

Each "Tell Your Story" event features a Tallgrass Creek resident who, like Jim, has a unique life experience to share. Past presenters have included a POW survivor, an accomplished weaver, and many others.

Jim Graham