Cook, travel, write

Meet Norma Schonwetter, food writer and traveller

Norma Schonwetter turned her home economics degree into a successful career as a food and travel journalist. After graduating from Brooklyn College, she worked in New York City developing recipes for magazines. Later, when she worked for a microwave company, Norma became an expert at preparing quick and healthy meals.

"Even when I entertained I used the microwave exclusively," she explains. "I was making interesting things—not run-of-the-mill stuff."

Eventually, Norma began writing a syndicated column about microwave cooking which appeared in more than 30 newspapers across the U.S. and Canada. The success of her column inspired Norma to author a cookbook entitled Microwave to Your Heart's Content.

Food writing has taken Norma to 47 countries. She continues to travel, even though she has retired from her career. Recently, she spent eleven days touring Greece with a friend.

At home at Tallgrass Creek, Norma stays busy with painting classes, Trivial Pursuit, and Chinese mah-jongg. It was the energy and the wealth of opportunities that first attracted her to the retirement community. "From what I knew about Erickson Living, the people were more vibrant, and they had a lot of activities," she says.

Norma Schonwetter