Crossing the finish line is just the beginning

Patricia Lund makes fitness a part of her life

In 2007, Patricia Lund's doctor told her she needed to lose 65 pounds. She could either do it with weight-loss surgery, or she could lose the old-fashioned way with diet and exercise. "I didn't want surgery, so I started walking," says Patricia. "I figured that was a good place to start."

After moving with her husband to Ashby Ponds, Patricia found it was easier than ever to meet her fitness goals. Working with the on-site Wellness Coordinator, Patricia developed a tailor-made workout program. "Having a personalized program in place was a real incentive for me," she explains. "I added workouts in the fitness center and 40 minutes a day in the swimming pool to my routine."

Recently, Patricia took up a new fitness challenge. She entered and began training for a 5K race in the town of Round Hill, where her daughter's family lives. Not only did she finish the race in a respectable 47 minutes and 18 seconds, Patricia even took home a gold medal for her age group.

She credits a large part of her success to the staff at Ashby Ponds. "I have watched them work with people of all fitness levels and they are just wonderful. I continually hear people say that they feel stronger because of their efforts."

Patricia Lund