Hiker, innovater

Bill Sperry leads the Cedar Crest Amblers and Scramblers, a hiking group that explores local parks and woodlands. Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, Bill enjoys discovering all that New Jersey has to offer. 'Northern New Jersey has a lot of places to hike,' he says.

The Amblers and Scramblers don't travel more than half an hour from Cedar Crest—yet the group still hasn't conquered all of the area's many great trails. The group is different from the average hiking club. It allows some members to explore at a mindful pace with the Amblers, noticing native birds, animals and plants, while those who prefer a faster speed can hike on with the Scramblers. 'It's good exercise and it's good conversation,' says Bill.

While he may have retired from his career as an engineer, Bill hasn't retired his sense of innovation. He designed a method to convert cooking oil from the community's restaurants into clean-burning biodiesel for the shuttle buses.

Now, Bill can enjoy the great outdoors knowing that he's doing his part to help preserve it.

Bill Sperry