Master fisherman

Rubin Cohen has fished in Belize, Key West and some of the world's greatest spots, yet he still comes back to the New Jersey coast.

'I've traveled all over, and I always return to realize how great it is here where we live,' he says. 'We have such nice fishing off the Jersey coast.'

At Cedar Crest, Rubin has access to offshore fishing for striped bass and blue fish—'Jersey Gators,' as they're named for their sharp teeth. He even makes his own custom rods. Beginning with a blank (a bare fiberglass or graphite rod), he adds a preformed plastic or cork handle, a reel seat where the reel is mounted and the reel itself. 'I like catching fish on something that I built,' he explains.

As much as he enjoys the thrill of the fight, Rubin says he makes every effort to avoid killing the fish he catches. He uses circle hooks that snare the fish in the jaw so it can be released alive. 'And I use steel hooks, which rust out instead of staying lodged if they get stuck,' he says.

He avoids taking the fish out of the water or touching them with bare hands in order to increase their chance of survival.

Rubin Cohen