Ruth Ellerthorpe, Betty Flanagan & Lucille Joseph

When Ruth Ellerthorpe moved to Cedar Crest, she never dreamed she'd be running a nonprofit travel company. But when she met fellow community members Betty Flanagan and Lucille Joseph, she found herself at the very nucleus of the Trips and Travel Club—now one of the most popular groups on campus.

The club operates on a not-for-profit basis. 'We try very hard to come out at a zero balance for all of our trips,' says Ruth.

Those trips include getaways up and down the northeast coast as well as longer excursions to destinations ranging from the Panama Canal to Las Vegas.

'We try to plan trips that appeal to a variety of interests,' Betty says. 'Some people like the arts, some like entertainment, some just like to travel; so we offer a variety.'

The trips draw an average of 40 travelers from all over the Cedar Crest community, and those who sign up are invited to bring along family and friends.

All three ladies agree it's easy to meet people who share your interests at Cedar Crest. 'The easiest thing to find at Cedar Crest is a friend,' says Betty. 'Most of us came here on our own, and we've all become close friends.'

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