Which first? Sell the house, or move?

The decision was easy for James and Margaret Brooke

For James and Margaret of Annandale, moving to Greenspring was an easy decision. "We had quite a few friends already living here," says Margaret. "They love it here and we knew we would too."

One of the first steps the couple took was to meet with Anna Greeves, Greenspring's personal moving consultant. "She introduced us to Erickson Realty and Moving Services and met with us in our home," says Margaret. "Previously, we had met with real estate agents who suggested updates to our house that Anna did not feel were necessary."

After 42 years in their house, the Brookes decided to move to Greenspring before putting their house on the market. This way, they could enjoy all the benefits of the community and take their time downsizing, organizing and selling their house.

Anna even recommended a moving company to help James and Margaret pack. Now, James and Margaret are settling into their new home and approaching their upcoming house sale with far less stress.

"We are pleased with our move and so happy with all the help we've received," says Margaret.

The Brookes