Brothers and sisters bond at Greenspring

A club for siblings helps keep families together

"My husband Jack and I moved to Greenspring after living for many years in New York," says Jean Matheson. Jean's younger sister, Janet Clifford, lived close to Greenspring. It was she who first told the couple about the community.

"About a year later [Janet] too moved to Greenspring and soon after we began discussing the possibility of starting a group for siblings," says Jean.

Janet designed posters to advertise the new group and even posted a notice on the community's in-house television station. "That's how we got the word out and, from there, our group began to grow," Janet explains.

Two years after it was founded, the Greenspring Sibling Group hosts a monthly sibling dinner, where brothers and sisters who live at the community can get together to enjoy a great meal and conversation.

"I was surprised by how many siblings live at Greenspring," says Jean. "There are times when we overflow the dining room."

The community has even brought some siblings closer together. Pauline Demaree and Carroll Gotte rarely saw each other until they both moved to Greenspring. "We can now enjoy each other again," says Carroll.

Brothers and Sisters