Meet Mr. Broadway

Acting is more than a hobby for Ernie Sult

"I've never been one to shy away from people," says Greenspring resident Ernie Sult. "I've always loved making people laugh."

Ernie has been acting in some form or another all of his life. As a member of the 222nd Infantry Regiment of the 42nd Infantry Rainbow Division, he performed as the tenor soloist in his regimental glee club, even performing onstage at the Vienna Opera.

During his long career with the federal government, Ernie's love of theater continued to grow. He sang at churches, performed as a wedding singer and became a favorite cast member at the Little Theater of Alexandria, where he has performed regularly for more than 68 years.

"While acting never became my career, it was always an important part of my life," says Ernie.

At 86, Ernie is enjoying even more theatrical opportunities at Greenspring. As a member of the Greenspring Players, he performed a tongue-in-cheek Romeo in the spoof, Shakespeare with a Twist. Most recently, he played the devil's assistant in Miss Twiddle and the Devil.

Ernie's acting experience isn't limited to the traditional stage. He has appeared in several episodes of the hit television series Homicide, Life on the Streets.

"Acting and singing is a part of me," Ernie says. "It's something that I will continue to do for as long as I can."

Ernie Sult