Bridging the generational gap

Oak Crest residents team up with Loyola University students

Recently, residents of Oak Crest paired up with Loyola University students as part of a unique semester-long program. The goal: to open a dialogue about generational differences on issues like civil rights, gender equality and even romantic relationships.

When Oak Crest resident Bob McKeever met student Megan Toth, he never expected the two would have so much in common. 'We discovered we share a common interest in digital photography and photo editing, which helped break the ice,' he says.

Since the program, Bob and Megan have remained in touch. What began as a volunteer experience has become a friendship. Last fall, Megan invited Bob to an arts and crafts show at Loyola, where she displayed and sold her photography.

Currently, Megan is studying abroad in Auckland, New Zealand. However, she and Bob still chat through Facebook.

'She is a truly remarkable young lady with a bright future ahead of her,' says Bob. 'For me, this whole experience is just another example of how intergenerational relationships are part of the Erickson Living landscape.'

Bob McKeever