John and Susan Evans—Dancing Through Life

'We made up our mind early on that we eventually wanted to be at a place like Brooksby Village for our own peace of mind and for the peace of mind of our children,' says John Evans.

While John and his wife, Susan, enjoyed living in their condo community, they felt like there was something missing. 'There were zero activities,' says Susan. 'Most of the people who lived there were still working, so we didn't have much interaction.'

Today, these high school sweethearts of 50-plus years are meeting new people and taking part in a host of fun activities, including their true passion: ballroom dancing.

'We looked at other places, but Brooksby seemed to be in the strongest financial position,' says John, who serves as chairman of the Resident Advisory Council. 'There's no place we'd rather be right now than here at Brooksby Village.'

John and Susan Evans