Brooksby Musicians Strike a Chord

The mood at Brooksby's Cider House Lounge is relaxed and casual as a crowd of about 40 people enjoy the sounds of the Brooksby Village Irregulars, a three-man band that's becoming a big deal at the Peabody community.

The Irregulars feature Brooksby residents Theodore (Ted) Good on piano, Chester (Chet) Willows on guitar and harmonica, and George (Gid) Loring on cornet. Guest percussionists and vocalists often stop by the Cider House for live performances.

The group plays a variety of eclectic music, including crowd pleasers from multiple decades. All of the men are experienced musicians. Ted directs Brooksby's Protestant choir while Chet hosts the Cider House's country western night once a month. Both are members of the Brooksby Gentleman, a men's singing group. Gid regularly participates in jam sessions with other musicians in the community.

Located in the Brooksby Village community, the Cider House Lounge is the perfect venue for residents to showcase their musical talent. Patrons can grab a drink and a comfortable chair and settle in for an evening of great entertainment or quiet conversation.

The Irregulars