Lois Krall—Taking Her Cue

Lois Krall first picked up a pool cue when she was a teenager living in Southern California. Her parents owned a health resort and it was Lois' job to entertain the guests, which often meant playing billiards.

Over the years, however, Lois gradually stopped playing. She thought she'd left her poolshark days behind for good—until she moved to Brooskby Village. There, she discovered the Women's Billiards Group.

The group meets every Tuesday morning for eight-ball, the most common type of billiards game. Any resident who is interested in learning to play, or who just needs a little instruction on shooting and angles, can always find a patient and willing teacher.

According to Lois, the group is more supportive than competitive. 'We're very glad to see when someone makes an exceptionally good shot,' she says.

Lois encourages more women to take up the pool cue. 'Not as many women have been exposed to billiards,' says Lois. 'There's skill involved, but it's also fun—good recreation and socializing.'

Lois Krall