Don Lafferty—Hitting All the Right Notes

A classically trained pianist, Don Lafferty is putting his talent to good use at Brooksby Village, where he plays with the band and accompanies the chorus.

The opportunity to be active and involved is what first drew him to the community: 'Of all the places I looked, Brooksby Village seemed the most active. When I came to look around, I saw activities going on and people having a good time.'

Location was another important factor. Don, who moved from Reading, is still close enough to play bridge with friends and catch up with family.

Don says that life here has been full of wonderful and unexpected surprises, but one surprise in particular stands out: Helen Kaden. The two Brooksby Village residents were set up on a blind date by Helen's sister. Now, they're engaged and looking forward to a great future together.

'Brooksby Village is a wonderful way of life,' says Don. 'I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation.'

Don Lafferty