Edward and William—New Radio Station Makes Waves

Edward Papski has been instrumental in bringing a fully functioning radio station to Brooksby Village.

As a child, Edward became hooked on radio when he tuned into his local stations from a homemade receiver. After studying broadcast engineering, he worked as an electronics engineer at Hanscom Field in Bedford for more than 30 years.

As a member of the Brooksby Amateur Radio Group (BRAG), Edward and his fellow enthusiasts converse with the world from their own station on campus. Often they use voice transmissions; however, radio operator William Hooper prefers Morse code, which requires less bandwith.

'Using Morse code you can get further sometimes than you do with voice,' explains William, who obtained his license in the late 1940s and served with the U.S. Merchant Marines before studying at Northwestern University.

Ironically, William and Edward knew each other for two decades over the airwaves before they became neighbors at Brooksby. In fact, his radio conversations with Edward inspired William to take a closer look at the Peabody community.

All residents with an interest in amateur radio are welcome to join BRAG.

Edward Papski and William Hooper