From one adventure to the next

Ask any of Albert Glickman's neighbors at Riderwood, and they'll probably tell you he's one of the most adventurous residents in the community. Although he's been all over the globe, his most recent excursion was a daring, two-week African safari in the Serengeti National Park with his grandson, who photographed their experience.

Located in Tanzania, Africa, the Serengeti National Park served as an exotic discovery ground for Albert. Even with all the lions, elephants, zebras and other wild animals surrounding him, Albert says he never felt unsafe. He was cautious and conjectures that the animals have learned that people aren't going to hurt them. 'So you could say they're civilized,' he laughs. And some of the other lessons Albert learned on his journey were as old as the African terrain itself: patience is a virtue and persistence pays off.

Albert says one of the best things about living at Riderwood is the joy he gets out of sharing his thrilling adventures with his friends and neighbors in the community. 'I always have a new audience to tell my stories to,' he says. Since he doesn't have to worry about his home while he's away, living at Riderwood frees him to go to whichever corners of the Earth he pleases.

Albert Glickman