A woman with a giving soul

Beth Gordon has always been a woman of faith, but it was her generous personality that led her to become the treasurer at Riderwood's Village Protestant Church.

When she first moved into the community, Beth felt welcomed by the entire congregation and instantly knew she wanted to become a part of the fellowship. Through her role as treasurer, Beth has been able to emphasize the importance of giving. One example of the church's generosity is the money the congregation raised for Japan after the devastating earthquake that hit in March of 2011. In just one month, the Village Protestant church raised $6,400 dollars that went to Samaritan's Purse—an organization with members stationed in Japan who were armed with food, clean water kits and blankets.

'What makes this congregation so special is that we are all seniors and many of us are on restricted incomes. Yet we are all able to give freely,' she says.

Beth Gordon