Solving the economic puzzle one piece at a time

Walter Rybeck is an accomplished writer whose move to Riderwood made it possible for him to write and publish his intriguing book Re-Solving the Economic Puzzle. Living in the community offers him more time and space, which he needs to organize his thoughts and get them down on paper.

'This is my life's work,' he says. Walter has worn many hats in his lifetime—he has experience in journalism, economics and politics. His book, however, focuses on the economic injustices in America. Walter says, 'Our economic 'chefs' are leaving out key ingredients in the economic issue, and it's giving us a fiscal bellyache.'

Although it's been a long road, Walter says he remains positive that the economy will improve. 'In my lifetime, we've seen tremendous change in race relations, in the environment movement… though we're not where we should be yet, we've seen a lot of positive change,' he says.

Walter Rybeck