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    Who determines what type of care I need?

    A. Our full-time doctors, nurse practitioners and social workers will complete an assessment to determine what level of care would most benefit you or your loved one.
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    Do I have to live at Oak Crest to come to the continuing care health services neighborhood?

    A. Not at all. You or your loved one can come to our continuing care health services neighborhood without being a current Oak Crest resident. This applies to permanent stays such as assisted living and long-term care as well as temporary stays such as short-term rehabilitation.
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    How do the doctors and care providers compare to other Parkville care centers?

    A. While many other care centers employ part-time doctors, our medical staff is full-time. Plus, they specialize in senior health care. Our team also includes visiting specialists.
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    How much control do I have over my day? Do I have to go to bed and wake up at a certain time?

    A. No, residents receving continuing care health services are free to schedule their day however they choose. Additionally, we do not use a disruptive public address system. All communications are private between residents and staff.
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    Can residents receving continuing care health services use all the amenities of the Oak Crest campus?

    A. Absolutely! Residents can take full advantage of all the amenities and activities on campus, including the swimming pool, restaurants, transportation, day trips, walking paths, clubs, and more.


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