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Riderwood Newsroom

Explore the latest happenings at Riderwood in Silver Spring, MD.


Riderwood Announces Hiring of Diane Thometz to Realty & Moving Services Team

Apr 29, 2013
SILVER SPRING, MD---Riderwood, the Erickson Living retirement community, announced the hiring of Diane Thometz to its highly successful realty & moving services team. Mrs. Thometz is a licensed Realtor® through LeReve Real Estate of Highland, MD. In her new role, Mrs. Thometz will serve as a personal moving consultant, joining Kimberly Schoeberlein in the community's Sales and Marketing Department. The personal moving consultant is a highly personalized component of the marketing program designed to help clients with everything from downsizing and preparing their house for sale to settling into their new residence at Riderwood. In 2012, nearly 93 percent of...

Riderwood Honors Its 2013 Student Scholar Recipients

Apr 22, 2013
SILVER SPRING, MD---Honoring academic excellence and workplace achievement, Riderwood, the Erickson Living retirement community, held its 2013 High School Scholarship Awards Ceremony on April 18th. Twenty high school seniors from Montgomery and Prince George's Counties who are employed in the Dining Services Department of Riderwood earned four-year collegiate scholarships.  The value of these awards is $1,000 per semester for a total of $8,000 per student. Levern Allen is a resident of Riderwood who serves on the 11-member Scholarship Committee.  In her congratulatory remarks, Ms. Allen stated that "our community is so fortunate that strong bonds are created between residents and...

Riderwood Resident Bob Sprinkle Recalls Encounters with Margaret Thatcher

Apr 15, 2013
SILVER SPRING, MD--As the world mourns the loss of Margaret Thatcher, the longest serving Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the twentieth century and only woman to have held the office, people of all walks of life are offering their remembrances of the "Iron Lady." Include Bob Sprinkle, a resident of Riderwood retirement community in Silver Spring, MD, in that group.  Mr. Sprinkle had three encounters with Prime Minister Thatcher during his professional career. The former Chief Executive Officer of the Association for International Practical Training met Prime Minister Thatcher in March, 1996 during a commemoration of the fiftieth...

Paulette Goodman Honored for Advocacy Work

Apr 2, 2013
SILVER SPRING, MD---For Mrs. Paulette Goodman, a lifelong journey as a social justice advocate began as a child in horrifying circumstances. Born in pre-World War II Paris, France, Mrs. Goodman is a survivor of the Holocaust, a tragic time in which she lost family members and close friends. "As a child, I knew what it was like to be afraid and ostracized.  Just going to the movies on Thursday afternoons with my friends, forbidden to Jews, could have meant tragedy for the whole family had I been caught in a roundup out of the theater," described Mrs. Goodman, a resident...

Spring Is In the Air for Riderwood Birding Group

Mar 19, 2013
SILVER SPRING, MD---For Don Messersmith, a retired University of Maryland professor and leader of the Riderwood Birding Group, the hobby is about the "chase." "There's nothing like being outdoors and identifying the unexpected with a rare bird sighting.  It's really interesting," stated Dr. Messersmith, a resident of Riderwood, the Erickson Living retirement community in Silver Spring. With warmer temperatures creeping closer, the fifteen participants of the Riderwood Birding Group are taking to the "chase" with weekly bird walks.  Once per month, they visit local parks and nature settings such as Lake Artemesia, Brookside Gardens and the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center...

Riderwood Opens New Coffee Shop, Bar and Lounge

Feb 5, 2013
Scores of Riderwood residents in Silver Spring, MD, this week attended the simultaneous grand openings of their campus' new Village Nook (Coffee Shop) , Fireside Bar/Lounge and Fireside Hot Carry-Out. Receptions at the three Village Square locations were hosted by the Dining Services Department. Riderwood, which has more than 2,500 residents, sits on 120 acres that stretch across Montgomery and Prince George's Counties. Riderwood offers extensive wellness and prevention programs, balance assessment and fall prevention programs, and Fitness and Aquatics Centers. Also, there are more than 250 resident-inspired and resident-led clubs, committees and interest groups in these categories: art; cards;...

Riderwood is Renovating Living Room and Lobby at Arcola Towers

Jan 31, 2013
SILVER SPRING, MD (February 1, 2013) - Riderwood retirement community  - in partnership with Cypress Construction, Business Flooring, Glenmar Draperies, ClothWorks, and R.P. Hacker Painting - is renovating the living room and lobby areas at  Arcola Towers, a high-rise apartment building for senior citizens located on University Boulevard between Arcola Avenue and Sligo Creek Parkway in Silver Spring, MD.  The lobby at Arcola Towers has not seen a renovation in many years.  The furniture and set-up of the living room are not conducive to meetings and activities. The areas are badly in need of modernization and the furniture is in...

The Facebook Phenomenon Embraces Riderwood

Jan 30, 2013
SIILVER SPRING, MD (February 1, 2013) -- In June 2010, Dr. Eugenio Machado, Riderwood's medical director, started a Facebook page. It wasn't for himself. He created it for the Erickson Living community in Silver Spring, MD, with the intention of sharing residents' vibrant stories and reaching out beyond the borders of the 120-acre campus. He hoped the page would give residents another avenue to meet their neighbors while teaching the surrounding community what Riderwood is all about. Receiving 100 hits daily, the page shares many stories about the Riderwood community. In fact, some featured there first made the front page...

Riderwood's Lonesome Pine Bluegrass Band to Play a Gig January 29 in Greeenbelt, MD

Jan 25, 2013
SILVER SPRING, MD (January 25, 2013) - Riderwood retirement community's bluegrass band, Lonesome Pine, will play a gig on Tuesday, January 29, at the New Deal Cafe in the heart of old Greenbelt, MD. Music will run from 7 to 9 p.m. There is no cover charge. Down-home, improvised bluegrass jams by residents of Riderwood retirement community in Silver Spring, MD, have been going strong for the past eight years where they began in a classroom on the Riderwood campus. Residents passing by would sit-in and listen. The classroom soon overflowed with an audience. The bluegrass jams tried moving to...

"The Occasion" -- Reflections on Diversity and Inclusion

Jan 22, 2013
"The Occasion," a speech given by Joyce Moore Turner, Co-Chair of  Riderwood Retirement Community's  Diversity and Inclusion  Committee, at January 17, 2013 Celebrations of the New Year in Riderwood Chapel in Silver Spring, MD:                 We have called you to our beautiful chapel for this celebration because we need to pause and consider why diversity and inclusion are values to be cherished.  We seek to join in thanks for our journey toward a more inclusive community and society. Our generation has experienced bad times and good times.  We have known wars, genocide, economic depression, sickness, loss, hate and exclusion.  If...