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Explore the latest happenings at Riderwood in Silver Spring, MD.


Patricia S. Steeg, a National Cancer Institute Chief and the Wife of Riderwood's Medical Director, Calls for New Direction in Oncology

May 31, 2012
SILVER SPRING/BETHESDA, MD (May 31, 2012) -- Patricia S. Steeg , the wife of Dr. Gene Machado, Riderwood retirement community's  Medical Director, and daughter of Riderwood resident Elizabeth Wiegand,  has published an article in  Nature  magazine that calls for a new direction in oncology, particularly with respect to clinical trials for treating breast cancer.  Steeg is Chief of the Women's Cancers Section, Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland. "The oncology community as a whole needs to commit to doing something different," Steeg writes. She writes: "Cancer therapeutics inhibit tumor growth, but there is...

It's "Match Point' for Riderwood's Resident-Run Tennis Club

May 29, 2012
SILVER SPRING, MD (June 1, 2012) -- A tennis ball being hit makes a unique sound, and that sound gets the blood stirring and makes the body want to move, at least for tennis lovers -- and especially for members of the resident-run tennis club at Riderwood retirement community in Silver Spring. Riderwood is intriguing in that it has its own tennis courts on its campus. The tennis club meets on both courts four times a week during the season (April-November), hitting balls and sharing laughs. The club also invites teams from neighboring retirement communities to participate in the annual...

Erickson Living, the Developer/Manager of Riderwood, is Recognized as a National Top Workplace

May 25, 2012
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND ---May 25, 2012--- Erickson Living, developer and manager of Riderwood in Silver Spring, MD, has been recognized as a National Top Workplace among organizations with more than 1,000 employees by WorkplaceDynamics, experts in organizational health. The list of National Top Workplaces aggregates results from across 30 Top Workplaces publishing partners to identify the best employers in the nation.  In addition, the workplace evaluation is based on employee feedback from 805 companies surveyed with 1,000+ employees across the 30 regional Top Workplaces programs.  This included survey responses from more than half a million employees.  The full list is available at  ...

Restorative Nursing at Renaissance Gardens at Riderwood is Redefining and Changing the Scope of Nursing Care

May 25, 2012
SILVER SPRING, MD (May 25, 2012) - A comprehensive restorative nursing program initiated by Renaissance Gardens,  the extended care neighborhood at Riderwood retirement community, has been key to its earned status as a Medicare Five-Star facility each year for the past five years. And it is redefining and changing the scope of nursing care. All long-term care residents are required to have an appropriate five-day restorative nursing program each week. Rehab staff evaluates these residents with the following two goals in mind: First, the therapist determines if the resident experiences a decline in function and, if so, a treatment plan...

Riderwood Hosts Tea Party and Awards Ceremony for Beltsville Academy Students

May 18, 2012
SILVER SPRING, MD (May 18, 2012) -- Riderwood retirement community's Catering and Community Resources and Wellness teams today hosted a Tea Party and Awards Ceremony for 45 female students of Beltsville Academy who are completing the F.O.R.W.A.R.D  (Forming Opportunities Reaching Women And Restoring Dignity) program. The event was a dressy occasion for the girls and female residents, who wore hats and white gloves.  The students shared their original poems with Riderwood residents. An awards ceremony honored the 8 th  grade girls who are graduating from the F.O.R.W.A.R.D program. The F.O.R.W.A.R.D program is designed to empower young women, especially African-American and Latino...

A Used Jewelry Sale by Riderwood Residents Results in $1,162 Donated to Helps Local Schools' Environmental Education Projects

May 16, 2012
A Used Jewelry Sale by Riderwood Results in $1,162 Being Donated to Support Environmental Education at Two Local Public Schools SILVER SPRING, MD (May 16, 2012) - An Earth Day-themed used jewelry sale by Riderwood retirement community residents has resulted in a total of $1,162 being donated to support environmental education at  two local public schools.  Strathmore Elementary School in Montgomery County received half of the money to purchase special equipment for its "salad" garden.  The other half was sent to Beltsville Academy in Prince Georges' County for environmental education and for an addition to its courtyard garden. Riderwood residents observe Earth...

Public is Invited to June 15 and June 16 Resident-Run Woodshop Tool Sale at Riderwood

May 16, 2012
Public is Invited to Riderwood Resident-Run Woodshop's Tool Sale on June 15 and June 16, From 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., in Silver Spring, MD SILVER SPRING, MD (May 16, 2012) - Looking for quality tools such as saws, hammers, planers, clamps, drills,  sanders, and levels? Then there is a good chance you will find them at the Riderwood retirement community resident-run Woodshop's annual Tool Sale on June 15 and June 16. The sale will be held each day from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. in the Montgomery Station Terrace near the Woodshop on the Riderwood campus, 3140 Gracefield Road,...

Public is Invited to Attend a Free June 26 Digital World Tech Expo at Riderwood

May 9, 2012
SILVER SPRING, MD (May 9, 2012) - The public is invited to attend a free June 26 Digital World Tech Expo at Riderwood retirement community, 3140 Gracefield Road, Silver Spring. The tech expo is the first of its kind in the region and will be held from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. in the Performance Hall on the Riderwood campus. The tech expo will help the public learn to use technology to stay connected with family, track personal finances and health care information and be entertained. Attendees will interact with resident presenters to learn how to apply technology in areas...

Riderwood Residents and Staff Donate More Than 500 Cubic Feet of Clothing for Vietnam Veterans of America

May 7, 2012
SILVER SPRING, MD (May 7,  2012) -- Riderwood retirement community residents and staff in Silver Spring donated more than 500 cubic feet of clothing for  the Vietnam Veterans of America. They did it in a two-hour period in which they filled a Veterans truck from four clubhouse locations on the 120 acre- Riderwood campus. This marked the fifth year of participation in the annual clothes collection drive, which was held under sponsorship by the Riderwood Lions Club.  The Riderwood Lions Club is affiliated with The International Association of Lions Clubs, the largest service organization in the world. Lions Club members create and...

Hundreds of Retirees to Relive Drive-In Movie Experience "Under the Stars" on May 18 at Riderwood

May 7, 2012
WHAT: 2 nd  Annual  "Movie Under the Stars" event in which in which hundreds of Riderwood residents, their families and their friends will relive outdoor drive-in movie experiences of the past. They will watch "Breakfast at Tiffany's," a movie starring  Audrey Hepburn  and  George Peppard  (in Mrs. Hepburn's most memorable and identifiable role ) as the wonder of night skies filled with stars adds a magical, surreal backdrop. Attendees will sit in chairs at the Tennis Courts parking lot near Renaissance Gardens to watch the movie, which will be projected onto a huge screen...