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Explore the latest happenings at Riderwood in Silver Spring, MD.


Riderwood to Kick-Off Weekend with Veterans Expo on Friday, November 8th

Nov 5, 2013
SILVER SPRING, MD--Veterans Day provides Americans with the opportunity to say "thank you" to men and women who have served our nation in the armed forces. At Riderwood, the Erickson Living retirement community, a new event will reach out to the surrounding area to express our mutual and heartfelt appreciation. On Friday, November 8th, Riderwood will host its first Veteran Day Expo to commemorate the sacrifices of veterans and provide information to them and their families. With residents from Riderwood, members of local military service organizations have been invited, and the event is open to the public. Additionally, students from...

Riderwood's Peace Oke Earns Director of Nursing Honors

Oct 22, 2013
SILVER SPRING, MD---Peace Oke, the Director of Nursing at Riderwood retirement community, earned honors from the Maryland chapter of the National Association Directors of Nursing Administration (NADONA). Ms. Oke received the Director of Nursing of the Year Award for 2013 by the industry group at a breakfast ceremony held on October 17th at Charlestown, an Erickson Living retirement community in Catonsville, MD.  Ms. Oke was one of ten employees of the extended care neighborhood at Riderwood recognized at the event. The following geriatric nursing assistants received the Compassion In Caring Award:  Zita Bayrd, Faithlyn Benjamin, Fatou Cham, Andrea Flores, Carmen...

Riderwood to Host First Veterans Expo on November 8th

Oct 15, 2013
"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."  --John Fitzgerald Kennedy "Our liberties, our values, all for which America stands, is safe today because brave men and women have been ready to face the fire at freedom's front." -Ronald Reagan SILVER SPRING, MD--Veterans Day provides Americans with the opportunity to say "thank you" to men and women who have served our nation in the armed forces. At Riderwood, the Erickson Living retirement community, a new event will reach out to the surrounding area to express...

Riderwood Lions Club Provides Helping Hand to Shepherd's Table

Oct 11, 2013
SILVER SPRING, MD---For six years, the Riderwood Lions Club has spearheaded a drive to support Silver Spring-based Shepherd's Table. "The motto of our club is 'we serve,'" noted Ken Kennedy, its Projects Coordinator and a resident of the Erickson Living retirement community.  "We strive to serve those in need in the surrounding area and worldwide.  For this project, we ask for donations for the homeless, and in a small way, we help them to find comfort and recognition of being." The mission of Shepherd's Table is to provide assistance to people who are homeless or in need by providing basic...

Retired Ambassador James Collins Talks Russian Relations with Residents of Riderwood

Oct 1, 2013
SILVER SPRING, MD---With international affairs in the Middle East taking center stage this summer, the relationship between the United States and Russia is again under the microscope. Residents of Riderwood, the Erickson Living retirement community, were able to hear from a diplomat who has enjoyed a unique vantage point to relations between the two super powers. The Continuing Education Committee of Riderwood hosted retired Ambassador James Collins on September 26th for a presentation entitled "U.S. Relations with Russia: Is the Past Prologue?"  Over 150 residents attended the learning series event. Ambassador Collins served as the U.S. Ambassador in Moscow during...

By the People, Riderwood Wins Best Vegetable Crab Soup Award at 2013 Maryland Seafood Festival

Sep 11, 2013
SILVER SPRING, MD---In Texas, it's homemade barbecue.  In Louisiana, it's fresh gumbo.  But in Maryland, crab soup is undoubtedly king. Marylanders have taken advantage of the Chesapeake Bay's famous blue crabs to create homemade recipes that feature "secret" blends of spices and ingredients.  This tradition was celebrated at the Crab Soup Cook-Off, a highlight of the prestigious 46th Annual Maryland Seafood Festival at Sandy Point State Park on September 7-8. So when the culinary team of Riderwood, the Erickson Living retirement community, entered recipes in three categories, it was done knowing the high standards of Maryland crab soup connoisseurs.  Sponsored...

Gala Flamenco Theme Highlights Black Tie Affair at Riderwood

Aug 30, 2013
SILVER SPRING, MD---A moonlit summer night in Madrid?  No, but it was a virtual experience for those attending the 14th Annual Gala at Riderwood, the Erickson Living retirement community, on August 23rd. Over two hundred residents, employees and friends of Riderwood wore their black-tie best for Gala Flamenco, the theme of this year's event.  Proceeds from the gala supported the community's Benevolent Care Fund. "The Annual Gala is a celebration of a beautiful form of generosity, neighbors helping neighbors," stated Chip Warner, Executive Director.  "The campus looked terrific in showcasing the evening's vibrant theme, and it was rewarding to help...

Who Are the Acousti-cats? You'll Only Know by Attending the Opportunities Fair at Riderwood on Friday!

Aug 15, 2013
SILVER SPRING, MD---On Friday August 16th from 1pm-3pm, no one will be having more fun than the residents of Riderwood, the Erickson Living retirement community in Silver Spring. Sixty-one groups and clubs, all created and led by Riderwood residents, will be highlighting their activities to their peers at the annual Opportunities Fair. Interested in salsa dancing?  Meet Martin Swetnick's Moving to the Latin Beat Group. You might be related to a king!  You'll only know if you visit Peggy Mentzer's Genealogy Club. From New York and miss it?  Helen Helm's New Yorker Club is the place to go. And only...

High Rollers at Riderwood as Bocce Courts Open

Aug 14, 2013
SILVER SPRING, MD---Riderwood resident Dr. George Galasso proves that good things can happen when history repeats itself. Ten years ago, Dr. Galasso, as a member of the Rockville Senior Center in Montgomery County, initiated a campaign for the construction of bocce courts at the facility.  Played around the world, bocce is a ball sport that developed into its present form in Italy. "Bocce is a low-impact sport for older adults.  It's easily played and encourages socialization," stated Dr. Galasso.  "I thought it would be fun." His mission successful, the activity remains popular there. So when he moved into the Erickson...

Riderwood Announces Interactive Education Series on Dementia for Family Caregivers

Aug 12, 2013
SILVER SPRING, MD---Riderwood, the Erickson Living retirement community, will be hosting a three-part series in the fall designed to educate families that have loved ones with dementia. This interactive discussion series will focus on sharing the latest information as well as best strategies for care.  Jennifer Fitzpatrick of Jenerations Health Education Inc. will be the keynote speaker for the series.  A licensed clinical social worker with over twenty years of experience with older adults, Ms. Fitzpatrick is a nationally-recognized speaker on issues involving dementia. According to the Alzheimer's Association, more than 15.4 million family and friends provided 17.5 billion hours...