Achieving Something New with Riderwood’s Art of Ceramics Class

SILVER SPRING—They came to Riderwood from all walks of life--designers, writers, scientists, teachers and more, but a creative endeavor brought them together.
About twenty residents of the Erickson Living retirement community are in the Art of Ceramics class, and on November 11th, their work was displayed at the group’s 2nd Annual Exhibition 2014. 
One of those residents is Dorothy Liddel.  The former professor of nursing from Bethesda joined the group as a novice working with the medium of clay.  But through weekly class attendance and practice, her pieces were among the colorful plates, bowls, lamp stands, mirrors and other unique designs showcased at the exhibit.
“We strive for creative, technical, and artistic growth,” said Ms. Liddel.  “But most importantly, we are supportive of each other during class.  Sharing our talents with friends and family is very gratifying.” 
The group studies and grows under the tutelage of Won Yin, a resident of Riderwood and experienced ceramics teacher.  She studied with Richard Lafean, a master potter, teacher and former curator of Corcoran Gallery.  
With a BS in Design from the University of Michigan and a Master’s in Art Education from the University of Maryland, College Park, Yin taught ceramics in the Montgomery County Public School system.  Her former home in Silver Spring featured a studio and reduction kiln.
“My passion has always been ceramics,” Yin said.  “Although we develop technical and design skills along with good craftsmanship, there’s nothing like seeing the wonderful ideas unique to each individual come to life through clay.”
To her, the opportunity to work with so many enthusiastic people in Art of Ceramics is unbelievably rewarding.
“I don’t think of the participants as students.  They are also my teachers,” she said.  “I learn from everyone in the class, and together, we’re always thinking about the next project.”
As the holiday season approaches, she notes that gifts made personally for friends and family members can be especially meaningful.   
“A beautiful custom-designed work is a beautiful gift from the heart,” she said.
Won Yin, a resident of Riderwood and experienced ceramics teacher, displays her work at the 2nd Annual Art of Ceramics Exhibition in November.