I give lectures all over the world and I always manage to make people laugh. But the truth is I can t tell a joke and I don t understand a lot of jokes that people tell me. You see, humor isn t just about telling jokes. Humor has more to do with the spirit of communicating.

I recently watched the movie Couples Retreat on TV. The four couples in this film think they re going to relax and just have a good time, but this imaginary resort forces you to examine your relationship, and in so doing, the couples discover that they have issues.

I ve never had a pet. My children never had pets, though I had friends who brought their dogs over to play with them. For me, I ve always been so much on the go that I knew it wouldn t be fair to the animal to leave it alone for long stretches. But I do understand the value of pets.

I often use the phrase Don t retire, rewire, which I credit to my friend Sherry Lansing. The point is, if you can no longer continue in your current or former career, start a new one. I m not saying that taking up a new career later in life is easy. You ve changed and the world has changed, so how do you fit in?

I ve produced several documentaries about families. One, Surviving Salvation, showed what happened to Ethiopian Jewish families who were transported from their very traditional culture to the modern Westernized culture of Israel.

I once produced a documentary entitled No Missing Link. The subject was how grandparents, and grandmothers in particular, kept the flame of religion burning in the Soviet Union under communism.

In 1962 there was a musical titled Stop the World I Want to Get Off. If people back then thought the world was spinning madly, imagine what they d think today. In the 60s you might have been worried for yourself, but today you re probably more worried for your children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren. Have you ever watched closely as an ice skater spins?

There are some issues regarding child rearing that grandparents and great-grandparents need to stay away from. Bed time? None of your business. What they eat? Only when they re with you. Homework? Only if you ve got special expertise in a subject. But when it comes to spoiling through gift-giving, I side with those who like to give even if the parents don t fully appreciate it.

One of my TV shows was titled Never Too Late and I really believe in that philosophy, including when it comes to single seniors and dating. I know there are some who have lost a partner and then say I m too old to date; that s something only young people do.

My daughter lives near me and so I see her children quite frequently. But my son moved to Canada and I see his family much less often. Having 50% of my family near me makes me quite lucky. These days, so many families are dispersed all over the country.

There are a lot of older people who are lonely. Their families may not live close by. Many of their friends may have moved or passed away. If their spouse has died, they feel awkward going out with the couples they used to socialize with. They may have problems getting around, particularly if they no longer drive.

When I heard about the Rutger s student who jumped off the George Washington Bridge because his roommate secretly taped him with another man and then broadcast it live over the Internet, I was very upset.