As people get older, they don't always recognize the difference between being independent and being vain. How many people go around for years saying, "Could you please repeat that?" instead of getting a hearing aid. Or won't walk down the block to buy a container of milk because they don't want to be seen using a cane.

Sociologist Sol Gordon coined the phrase "askable parent." By that he meant parents should make their children feel that if approached with a question or a problem, they ll be given an honest answer and won t risk being punished for broaching certain subjects. You can be an "askable grandparent" as well, meaning that your grandchildren should feel comfortable coming to you for advice

I love to travel, and traveling with my family can be especially fun. But I always make sure to get my own room. When my son and daughter and their families are all together, with all the kids shouting with glee, it s delightful.

Social networking is a phrase that is bouncing all around these days. An activity that might once have taken place over the backyard fence now seems to have developed into a multi-tentacled monster that only the young can manage. Of course, that s nonsense you don t have to know how to Twitter or have a Facebook page in order to stay connected.

Talk to most adults and deep down inside they don t think of themselves as being their physical age, but still consider themselves to be the age at which they hit maturity, probably somewhere between 18 and 21. Certainly people s personalities grow up a bit as they go through certain stages, such as getting married and especially becoming a parent.

While it would be nice for you to count on your family being supportive when you find a new person to love, sadly, far too often that doesn t happen, especially when it comes to your grown-up children.