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Finding space for collectibles

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December 31st, 2008

Downsizing may be essential before a move, but that doesn t mean everything has to go. For Marilyn Paul, who lives at Brooksby, there is plenty of space in her apartment for her treasured collectibles.

Paul doesn t consider herself a collector of any one thing, but through the years she has accumulated small collections of giraffe figurines, Swarovski crystal animals, thimbles, and miniature furniture.

As a hobby, Paul and her husband ran a dollhouse furniture show in nearby Danvers, Mass., twice a year for 15 years.

"As a result of having it for so many years, I started to collect a lot of little things I enjoyed," Paul says.

Today her thimble collection resides in an old printer s tray, which looks like a small wooden frame of shelves. Paul says the tray acts like a frame, but it s not holding any ordinary picture.

"It s more alive than just a picture," she says.

Though the thimble collection has grown to more than 50, leaving little room in the printer s tray, Paul is not opposed to picking up new, meaningful items if she has the space.

"If I go to the shows and something attracts me, I add it to my collection if it has a spot on the shelf," she says. "But just having it on a bureau, I don t want that."