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Greenspring: the first ten years

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December 31st, 2008

When Paul and Kay McCurdy, along with their bearded collie Maisie, moved to Greenspring in May 2003, they were eager to meet new friends and enjoy new activities. In doing so, they discovered that their new life is better than they could have ever imagined. "When planning our move to Greenspring, we focused on our living quarters," says Mrs. McCurdy. "It was a delightful surprise to discover the rich social life here. Many of us have discovered long-lost coworkers and neighbors here at Greenspring, giving us a chance to renew old friendships. "Our fellow residents have amazing lives, with careers in the military, the FBI, the CIA, NASA, and the State Department. They have helped shape the world we live in today." Forming neighborhood friendships In addition to their neighbors, the McCurdys found friendship and support among the staff members they see and interact with daily. "They keep Greenspring running smoothly and are always looking for ways to make our lives even better," says Mrs. McCurdy. "When we came to Greenspring, we found that there was no club for dog owners. But the staff encouraged us to start a group, and they provided us with the support we needed to do just that." In addition to the Dogs of Greenspring group (DOG), the McCurdys enjoy listening to speakers at the monthly Democratic club meetings and have served on many of Greenspring s resident advisory council committees. Special requests Another surprise awaiting the McCurdys was how well their extended family would be welcomed by the Greenspring community. "We had lived at Greenspring for only three weeks, when a daughter who lives out of state came to visit with her family," says Mrs. McCurdy. "One of the children had serious food allergies. The kitchen prepared one item separately to avoid a forbidden ingredient and found a non-dairy sorbet in the freezer for his dessert. ' We all had a wonderful, delicious meal, including the allergic grandchild. ' And for the first time, the McCurdys had a family dinner that I didn t cook or clean up after! ' How wonderful! ' I knew then that I loved really loved Greenspring."