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December 31st, 2008

Joining the Grant s Farm Manor priority list, which holds your place in line to select an apartment home, is a risk-free decision that puts you in the driver s seat. What s a priority list? Making a fully refundable $1,000 deposit is all it takes to join the priority list. This is the first step toward becoming a Grant s Farm Manor resident. The idea behind the priority list is that it holds your place in line when the time arrives for construction to begin. Think of being on the priority list as putting your name on a list at your favorite restaurant. After a period of time, your beeper goes off for a table and the hostess asks if your party is ready to be seated. There are times when you re not quite ready, so you pass on your place in line, but the hostess comes back to you when the next table is ready. That s exactly how the priority list at Grant s Farm Manor works. When your name comes up on the list, you get a call asking if you re ready to make a move. At that point, you either say "yes" and select your apartment home, or you pass. If you pass, you maintain your place in line, and you re called again when the next "table" (apartment home that matches your preferences) opens. "Joining the priority list puts you in control of when you want to move in to Grant s Farm Manor and where you want to be once you get there," says Dan Decker, director of sales and marketing. "When you join the priority list, it gives you the ability to slow it down," Decker adds. "You still have power to say when you want in. So a year from now, you can determine if you re ready. It puts you in total control." Why people are joining Tom and Juanita Caldwell, a couple already on the Grant s Farm Manor priority list, have lived in other retirement communities across the country. Recently, they moved back to the St. Louis area to be closer to their children. Now they are counting down the days until they can move to Grant s Farm Manor in 2010. "We re excited about the community," Mr. Caldwell says. "Erickson has a great name, and what a nice layout it s like being on a college campus." One aspect of moving to an Erickson community that appealed to the Caldwells was the 100% refundable entrance deposit. "The best [refundable deposit] I ve ever heard of anywhere is 85%," Mr. Caldwell says. "We know enough about retirement communities to know that Erickson is a good deal. We think it s going to be good. I want [to move in] tomorrow."