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Moving up, paring down

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December 31st, 2008

Deep down, Don and Betty Benny were ready to live the carefree life at Wind Crest. They had already joined the priority list, a group of people in line for an apartment home at the community. But with an overstuffed house and a long list of home repairs, they didn t know where to begin. So they procrastinated. "With so many things to get rid of and so much to do, we kind of closed our minds to it," says Mr. Benny. That changed when Wind Crest s Personal Moving Consultant Kate Dukes called. One simple question Dukes asked if she could drop by their Centennial home and bring them up to speed on the free assistance she could provide as part of the Erickson Realty & Moving Services program. "While she was here, she asked us why we were waiting another year to start the process of moving, and we didn t really have an adequate answer," says Mr. Benny. It was then that he and his wife realized perhaps they were ready. They just needed some help. With years of real estate experience under her belt, Dukes understood how overwhelmed they were. "I said, What if I could put a comprehensive plan together for you and get your property in shape within 30 days? Would that be acceptable? " she recalls. "And they said, Sure, if you think we can do it. " Dukes wasted no time getting started. From connecting the Bennys with a home stager to scheduling carpet cleaning, she was there each step of the way. She even helped label every piece of furniture with colored stickers indicating which would go to Wind Crest and which would need new homes. "That was a big step for us because we could see progress," Mr. Benny says. Endless support With approval from the Bennys, Dukes sent over a home stager who identified what could be done to attract better offers and more of them. "Initially, we were hesitant because we didn t know much about staging, but we re so glad we did it," Mr. Benny says. "Presenting your house for sale is much different than the way you might set it up for your own tastes." Finishing touches Finally, Dukes connected the couple with an antique shop owner who came by and purchased some of their furniture. In turn, the antique dealer gave them the name of someone who would pick up any remaining unwanted items. "He ended up hauling away truckloads of things we d collected over the past 60 years," Mr. Benny says. "Having to look at all the stuff we wanted to get rid of was daunting, so that was a tremendous relief." Having Dukes there to create a plan and get the ball rolling made all the difference for the Bennys. "She helped us chip away at all the things that were causing us stress," Mr. Benny says. Soon their house was ready to go on the market. And Dukes has since moved on to help others knock down the barriers standing between them and a brand-new, carefree life.