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A new year, a new lifestyle

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December 31st, 2008

THE ERICKSON TRIBUNE Each New Year, millions of Americans make resolutions to improve their lives or to do something they have always wanted to try. But it s rare for people to follow through with those plans. John and Dorothy Engelbrecht, who did manage to follow through with their resolution, couldn t be happier. The couple, who lived in Springfield, Pa., for more than 45 years, just sold their house and moved to Maris Grove, an Erickson community in Delaware County, Pa. "Simply put, we were looking forward to starting something completely brand- new," Mr. Engelbrecht says. "We lived in the same old house for 45 years, and we were tired of the work that goes with it. We were tired of dealing with the lawn and snow and things like that. We are looking forward to a fresh start fresh paint, new appliances, new features, and a new way of life." A place to match their pace The move to Maris Grove was one that changed the Engelbrechts lives for the better. "We are active people," Mr. Engelbrecht says. "And I think living at Maris Grove will only accentuate that. There s so much we want to do and try here." "Obviously, we are looking forward to using the [fitness center] and indoor swimming pool, but there are a ton of other activities and clubs that we ve heard about that we want to get involved with," he continues. He is already investigating Maris Grove s genealogy club to continue researching his German heritage, and he s looking for opportunities to continue as a piano accompanist. "I plan on continuing to volunteer as an accompanist with our church, but I would also love to help out with the choir or the chorus here if they need me," he says. As for Mrs. Engelbrecht, she also has plans for the New Year. An accomplished gardener, she hopes to continue to volunteer at the Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College, and this spring she may also tend to her own garden at Maris Grove. "It isn t spring without a garden," she says. The Engelbrechts say they are looking forward to the social opportunities at Maris Grove too. "We already know a few couples at Maris Grove, so we look forward to seeing them more often, having dinner with people, and of course we look forward to meeting a lot of new people too," Mrs. Engelbrecht says. The couple says their decision to move to Maris Grove was met with uncertainty in their immediate family. "Our family had some ties to our old house, but that s natural. I think when they saw Maris Grove, our apartment home, and they saw that we were happy with this decision, their minds were reconciled." Family matters "It has plenty of room for entertaining, extra storage space, and a bay window that s a perfect setting for our grand piano." Mr. Engelbrecht says that their decision to choose the Oxford floor plan was intentional. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms so overnight guests like family members and grandchildren can easily come for a visit. "And," he clarifies, "that s the one thing we didn t want to change."