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A place for once-loved items

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December 31st, 2008

THE ERICKSON TRIBUNE Parting with treasured possessions is never easy, and that s why many people move to Linden Ponds with a few too many things in tow. But they soon discover that there is a place for those loved, but unneeded, items. Linden Ponds Treasure Chest is an on-site store that sells donated goods, including everything from jewelry to furniture, to make money for various community funds. Proceeds go to the Linden Ponds Benevolent Care Fund, which ensures that no one will be forced to leave the community because of financial trouble. The store also contributes to the Student Scholarship Fund, the Staff Appreciation Fund, and startup activities on campus. The convenience factor Operated by 36 Linden Ponds residents and frequented by many more, the Treasure Chest has been so popular that it recently opened a second location on campus. "We ve all given our things away," says Wilma Kimball, chair of the Treasure Chest s board. "You really don t need that much here," she adds, pointing to the fact that most people who move to Linden Ponds choose not to do much cooking. Just two weeks after moving in, Irene Brown was reaching the same conclusion. "The furniture was fine, but the stuff . . . everyone brings too much stuff," Brown says. Lending a hand It s a big task, but the decision of what to take to Linden Ponds doesn t have to be made alone. Personal Move Consultant Lynne Ford makes home visits to advise future residents on what they can fit in their new apartments. "My rule of thumb is, if you haven t used it or touched it in a year s time, try to think about not taking it along with you," Ford says. "Less is more for sure."