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Step out of the box

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December 31st, 2008

THE ERICKSON TRIBUNE It s January the perfect time of year to designate as National Hobby Month. Hobbyists will tell you that they belong to one of two groups: those who discovered their hobby accidentally and those who were deliberately looking for such an activity; they tried several hobbies to find which one brings them the most satisfaction. Best dressed dolls "I look at it as a purposeful use of my leisure time," says Seabrook resident Madelyn (Lyn) Lawson. "I love to knit, and I only do it while watching TV so I don t feel like I m wasting my time." It s been a quick 12 years, but that s how long it s been since Lawson has been knitting sweater and cap ensembles, as well as slippers for the popular American Girl dolls. "I guess I fall into the accidental category because my granddaughter is 23 years old now, and the American Girl doll has long been packed away," Lawson says. "She simply wanted more outfits, so I just kept going." To date, Lawson has completed 763 sweaters (she keeps impeccable records) that she has designed and perfected over the years. Knitting since she was seven years old, she used to knit the sweaters in separate pieces and connect them, but now the sweaters are one piece and easier to handle. She chooses the colors and patterns and utilizes fashionable buttons like teddy bears, pearls, and flowers as adornments. "The embellishments are great, especially the fun fur that I use on the cuffs," she says. "Sometimes I will copy a pattern from an adult sweater, and it really turns out well as a smaller version. "I love that people admire and appreciate my creations that gives me the satisfaction to just keep going." Hobby options at Seabrook Take one look at a monthly calendar for Seabrook, and if you haven t had a chance to pursue a hobby, now is the time to do it! For starters, there is dancing for active hobbyists (line and ballroom), and tai chi if you like fitness and exercise. There are singing groups, prayer groups, reading groups, and language study groups. You can play Scrabble, make ceramics, knit, crochet, or paint. Maybe you like to play bingo or just watch TV and classic movies. Reading by the fireside or conversing in another language like French or Spanish are options, as well as gaining valuable knowledge from an investment or computer club. Maybe writing is your hobby, and the poet s club is the place for you. If you served in the military, veterans catch up with old war stories. Ladies strut their stuff in the "Red Hattitudes Club," animal lovers unite with the pet association, and antiques and collectible hobbyists enjoy the Treasure Shop. The saws are always buzzing at the wood shop, too. "That s what makes Seabrook so wonderful," Lawson says. "You could get involved with everything or nothing it s totally up to you."