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Greenspring receives environmental award for volunteer project

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January 31st, 2009

By Jason Conners

Springfield, Va. A small decal is going a long way to help a big lake.

The Greenspring Environmentalist Group, led by resident Cathy Bonner, is doing what they can to help protect Lake Accotink and the nearby Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay. Last spring, Bonner recruited her fellow residents to complete a Friends of the Accotink Creek storm drain marking project.

Following a large campaign that involved educating members of the community about environmental concerns and mapping each storm drain, the group adhered more than 100 No Dumping decals by each storm drain on the 108- acre Greenspring campus.

Everything that enters a storm drain in the Accotink Creek Watershed eventually ends up in the creek. Bonner says.

The Greenspring Environmentalist Group received certificates from the Northern Virginia Soil & Water Conservation District honoring their work on the project. It s great what the Greenspring Environmentalist Group and others like it are doing, says Randy Bartlett, director of the local Fairfax County Storm Water Management Division. Every little bit helps. If everyone was this passionate and driven to action, we wouldn t be facing as many challenges as we do.