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Here we go........!

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January 20th, 2009

Today marks the new beginning for this country and for all of us. I am working today and am frustrated at the inability to watch live or listen to the day's events. Yes, I know I am here to work and I am working but I had hoped to be able to listen to the new President's speech. I am frustrated but will make it through. This is history in the making. As I have discussed in prior blogs, this is the start of hope renewed. I actually tear up at this spectacular prospect of hope for all. So much going on in life in this new year. Hope is good to spur excitement and defer the worry. Last Friday I was interviewed by Reuters journalist on the postponing of retiring. I am almost retirement age; at least, what we grew up believing was retirement age. As I have aged, I realized that age is a mere number and that number should not dictate when one retires. Retiring should be a personal choice. Retiring means leaving one's job; not one's life. I hate the word! You can see more on this in the published article



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