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Love is meant to be golden

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January 31st, 2009

Love, in the traditional sense, is a sacred bond between two people, oftentimes portrayed as a full heart comprised of two separate halves. In our society, however, people seem to have forgotten about love; at least, it s taken a backseat to establishing careers, raising children, even paying bills. Regardless of humankind s attitude toward the feeling, love is always waiting patiently, ready to be discovered in the most unexpected places.

Love is speaking

Neither Jack Collette nor Courtenay Collette, formerly Courtenay Forbes, expected to find love a second time in their lives. They both moved to Maris Grove, the Erickson community in Delaware County, Pa., in March 2007. They both came with spouses he had been married 54 years, she, 52 years and they both lost their spouses. They never expected to settle down again, but love had other plans for them. On October 29, 2008, the two were married. This is their new beginning. Initially, their common interests are what drew them together in the late spring of 2008. They spoke of their passion for learning and knowledge their interests in history, literature, and travel were the centerpieces over dinners. Then the talking led to them participating and having fun in their active lifestyles together. "We re able to push the boundaries," Mr. Collette says. "We went out dancing recently, and neither of us had done that for a long time." With both of them, the "overall package" drew them to each other. She liked how he was attentive, thoughtful, and respectful to others; he liked her outgoing, welcoming, and intelligent nature. After Mr. and Mrs. Collette married, they had to "squeeze" two apartments into one. She moved one floor up into Mr. Collette s apartment, and they gave truckloads of extra items to their children. And though some might think it a challenge deciding what to keep, the new couple sees it as simple a new beginning, a process of consideration.

Love holds no boundaries

Love, of course, is not confined to one location. A recent marriage at Ann s Choice, another Erickson community, this one in Bucks County, Pa., proves that it holds no boundaries. Don Robertson and Phyllis Robertson, formerly Phyllis Donzanti, exchanged nuptials on November 29, 2008. Though the outcome is the same as the Collettes, their story is different. They both came to Ann s Choice single: Mr. Robertson, the former voice of CBS Sports, was a widower who moved in 2004; Ms. Donzanti moved in 2005 and had experienced a previous marriage. However, their love unfolded gradually. They kept bumping into each other on campus until Easter brunch 2008. Mr. Robertson asked, with a slight hesitation from either shyness or nervousness, if they could share the meal together, and she said yes. "We haven t eaten a meal apart since," Mrs. Robertson says. Once they decided to become engaged, they went shopping for rings. Mrs. Robertson picked out the one she liked and jokingly said, "You have to get down on your knee and propose." Though he may have hesitated briefly upon asking her to share the initial brunch with him, he didn t hesitate with this request. With the sales associates and manager as his witnesses, he got on one knee and proposed; she couldn t say no. Their common faith had drawn them together, as well as their interests, and they weren t ones to question the budding love. "Everything happens in perfect timing," Mrs. Robertson says. They feel they were meant to meet. He is from North Carolina, where she lived for years, but it took them meeting at Ann s Choice to be ready for each other.