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Sending Valentines is easy

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January 31st, 2009

Shue For people who live at Greenspring, the Erickson community in Springfield, Va., it will be easier to send valentines to loved ones this February. That s because Greenspring recently became the first location in Northern Virginia to receive a mobile post office. Hand picked Greenspring is the first and currently only location in Northern Virginia that offers this service, says Sherri Evans, customer services manager for the United States Postal Service (USPS), Merrifield, Va., location. We conducted research and selected Greenspring because of its size and unique residents that include people who may not drive, or it is a hassle for them to drive to the nearest branch, Evans says. She adds that with 2,000 people living there, she expects this to become a very popular benefit. The fully functioning mobile post office is in the form of a truck, similar to an ice cream truck. Under the truck s awning, customers can complete any transaction offered at a stationary branch with the exception of money order purchases. Common transactions include mailing letters and packages up to 70 pounds and purchasing stamps, boxes, and postal insurance. Unbeatable convenience The mobile post office visits Greenspring from noon until 2 p.m. every Monday and Friday. During its debut on the Greenspring campus, a line formed before the truck arrived, and a steady trickle of customers kept things busy for the entire two hours. It was great just marvelous, says Greenspring community member Helen Noah. I had three big packages to mail, and while I was there I bought some stamps. I don t drive, so this service is such a wonderful convenience. In the past, I took the Greenspring shopping shuttle to the post offi ce, but with this, it s just easier. I also don t have to drag all of my stuff on a shuttle. I will absolutely continue to use this. Currently, the USPS is actively identifying other Northern Virginia locations that would benefit from a mobile post office. Should the demand at Greenspring grow, an extension of hours and days is not out of the question, Evans says. Fast Fact: 180 million Valentine s Day cards are exchanged annually, excluding school children s card exchanges.Source: Hallmark research