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Bank hosts Casino Night

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February 26th, 2009

By Jan Landon


It is a safe bet that Tallgrass Creek residents are having a good time at Casino Night. More than 70 people who live at Erickson s Overland Park community are at tonight s event in the Audubon Clubhouse.

The game room is packed with bingo players. Everyone keeps a close eye on his or her cards as the caller says "B 11" or "G 17," and every once in a while someone in the crowd yells out, "Bingo!"

In the Sunflower Bistro, dealers are leading players in Texas Hold em and blackjack. If someone doesn t completely understand how the game works, the dealer guides the player through.

Helen Burbridge gets two face cards at the blackjack table and quickly takes the chips the dealer sends her way. Other residents gather around the craps table, placing chips on a number and waiting for the dice to be tossed.

"This is a great time," says Judy Turner, who is at the craps table. "It s a lot of fun. You get to try everything and not lose any money. It s all with fake money!"

The event was sponsored by Hillcrest Bank, which opened a branch office on the main floor of the Audubon Clubhouse about 18 months ago.

"This is just a little get-together," says Jennifer Blefko, Hillcrest retirement center banker. "We wanted the residents to have some fun, sponsored by Hillcrest."