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Local home sells in three weeks

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February 28th, 2009
ASHBURN, VA "Thanks to the help we received through Erickson Realty & Moving Services, we experienced zero stress when moving from our Bethesda, Md., home to Ashby Ponds [in Ashburn, Va.]," says Bill Sharpe, who moved there with his wife, Mary. When the Sharpes first made the decision to move to Ashby Ponds, they met with Kathy Lipscomb, Ashby Ponds personal moving consultant. Lipscomb visited the couple in their home to discuss the various options available through Erickson Realty & Moving Services, a complimentary service available to anyone moving to an Erickson community. "Her help was wonderful," says Mr. Sharpe. "She toured our house and provided suggestions for downsizing. She also put us in touch with two wonderful companies Town and Country, which helped us pack our furniture, and Transitional Assistance, the company that moved us into our Ashby Ponds home." With Lipscomb s help in making the house picture-perfect for potential buyers, including removing personal items like photographs and knick-knacks and staging furniture to maximize the appearance of space, the Sharpes sold their house in less than three weeks. When it was time to move, Town and Country carefully wrapped and packed all of the Sharpes furniture and other belongings. Once their personal items arrived at Ashby Ponds, Transitional Assistance took over. "They opened our boxes, made our bed, put our pictures on the wall, and even got rid of our moving boxes. They began at 9 a.m. and were finished by 2 p.m. When they left, our new home was ready for entertaining." Thanks to the suggestions and recommendations from Erickson Realty & Moving Services, the Sharpes were able to immediately enjoy life at Ashby Ponds. "With all the help we received prior to our move," says Mr. Sharpe, "we knew moving here was a wonderful decision." Erickson Realty & Moving Services is available to anyone moving to any Erickson community. Personal moving consultants provide trusted realty and moving resources, as well as expert advice and assistance with every aspect of people s move. For more information call 1-800-917-8643.